The Memory Behind Bullet Journaling

Discover with Deanna

I originally wrote this article for Arts Help. You can find the original publication HERE

Bullet journaling has been available for decades; however, it was not until the last few years that it became a widespread trend. Geared towards those who are more on the creative side, bullet journals lend themselves to a custom organization and varied content all in one notebook.

Creators use them for yearly calendars, daily planners, budgeting, emotion trackers, book trackers, creativity boosters, goal setting, and more. The act of physically writing down a schedule can improve memory, and according to multiple studies, so can doodling.

Bullet journals may be a great resource for creative-minded people looking for a way to organize their thoughts whilst maintaining their natural instinct to create.

Because bullet journals are bought completely blank, the artist has total control and can include whatever content they deem useful to their personal life…

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